Complete Professional

Buying a house is stressful, it's great to work with someone who is a complete professional, and who is fun to work with.

Kim Parmer

Impressive Creativity

Gina’s creativity when faced with hurdles is impressive. Her big-picture approach  to the sales process helps.

Charlie Ponger

Articulate And Affable

…very articulate and affable, she easily gains rapport and trust face-to-face.

Renee Gipson

Upfront And Honest

Gina was upfront and honest with us from the start, stating what she would do for us but also what we needed to do for her.  Working together as a team, we struck gold!

The Elliots

My Heartfelt Thanks

I’d just like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to you for all of your hard work and attention to detail. I’ve no doubt it’s been hard at times but your determination and friendly manner are so, so appreciated.

Diann Cimring

Extremely Responsive

She was extremely responsive, available, and proactive during our interactions.

Bruce Olson

Helped Keep Our Heads Clear

Your super organized way of doing everything really helped keep our heads clear and my wife calmer than expected!  Thanks for everything.

Mike McBride

Got Me Qualified For A Great Loan

Gina explained the buying process to me, and made sure that I first was pre-approved for a loan before we went out to look for property. That saved a lot of time, as I wanted to look at homes $80,000 higher than what I really could swing and I would have been wasting everyone's time. She had the patience to work with me and referred me to a mortgage broker who got me qualified for a great loan.

Spencer Streeman
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