3 Ways Good Realtors Protect Your ASSets

Realtors protect your assets

For every hour an agent spends in your presence, he or she will spend an average of nine hours behind the scenes working on your behalf and to protect your assets. Why? Because agents don’t get paid if they don’t close the deal for you! Unlike lawyers who bill by the hour, agents won’t receive a penny until– or unless– a sale comes to fruition. It’s all a gamble, in which they could come away with bupkis. Here are the top ways Realtors protect your assets:

asleep at the wheel

Good Realtors Don’t Let Their Clients Drive Drunk

Shopping for a home before getting pre-approved for a mortgage is like driving buzzed… you know you have the desire to drive home, but not the wherewithal to get there effectively. You’re seeing things through rose-colored shot glasses.

Getting fully pre-approved for a home loan averts the sobering bummer of having your lofty dream home vision collide with what you can really afford. In fact, good Buyer’s Agents won’t even drive you around to go house shopping if you’re not pre-approved first.

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